Friday, February 20, 2009

The Lazy Man on Sunday by Josie

Once there was man named Opal Snotgrass. He was always teased by kids because he was lumpy and his named was meant for a girl so he grew up being lazy and lumpy.

Opal had a good life after his childhood. He got married to his wife Max and had 4 children Allie, Jenna, Chad and Luke. But he was still lazy he always forgot to remember important stuff like taking the kids to practice so that now was Alex’s job to do that. He still had a week day, Sundays because that was when football was on. Super Bowl Sunday you could not even talk to Opal. Opal worked as a casher at Target. He was pretty good at that job because all you had to do was stand around.

One Sunday Opal got off from work he went in a hurry to watch the football while his wife was trying to talk t o him all he thought a bout was “I wonder if the Bears will do better than last Sunday “I hope so” so while his wife was trying to tell him that she was going to drop the kids of at soccer practice all he could think about was the Bears. So his wife just gave trying to talk to Opal and just went. Later that day the football game was interrupted by “Breaking News three kids and there Mom died” he started to remember what happened earlier that day. Oh No those are my kids, my wife why did I let this happen to them?

Moral of the story:
Always pay attention and don’t be lazy

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Josie said...

I like my story it is so cool

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