Friday, February 20, 2009

A Random Way to Entertain Your Dog: A True Story by Anna

On Thursday night my mom was annoyed by Daphne (My dog) and she wanted me to entertain her so she could get some work done. I went to my room and gave Daphne her bone but she eventually got bored of it. I had recently heard that dogs are amazed by bubbles, so I took out some bubbles my friend Erin had given me at the 50s party. When I got Daphne’s attention I blew one and she went crazy. She was jumping here and there, trying to catch one, only to have them pop time after time. When I stopped for a moment to watch her it looked like she was licking her lips because she liked the taste of the soap. So if your dog is ever bugging your mom just pull out the bubbles and you’ll both be entertained!

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Anonymous said...

thanks for adding me in there Anna! I showed that to my mom and she said " Oh that is soo cute! Anna is a really good writer". Thanks again

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