Friday, February 20, 2009

A Dazzling Murder by Greta

There she lay. Nobody would find her on the dangerous dock under the moonlight. The ocean seemed to call out her name. “Liza, Liza come out come out where ever you are.” Tears were steaming down her cheeks. Liza wasn’t alive, she was dead. She was killed by her own sister. She used to be a beautiful girl with long locks of honey spun hair, fair skin and a smile of gold. A long cashmere dress trailed behind her in a mournful way. She missed her family even her sister. She was killed in the most fashionable way.

She was adored by all she charmed everyone even the cranky old lady down the street. But her sister on the other hand was not proud or charmed by her sister. She hated her like a dog hates fleas, even more.

The night she was killed was the night of her 15th birthday party. All the guest were there, she had a chocolate fountain and lots of good sweets. Long story short she was pushed in to the shore of a lake and drowned of the cold shock.

Authors note: some people say I have a sick and twisted mind. If you think so to write a comment!!! And wait for chapter 2 coming soon to the CON KIDS blog! For Greta’s first novel! P.S writing a novel is harder than you think!


Anonymous said...

Greta, I'm so sorry to disappoint you but I'm not dead and my sister rescued me from my almost-death. We live in a small home now and are very cozy. Please do not disturb us, for it would be ever so horrid!

Thanks for understanding,

Lisa, the "dead person"

greta rox! said...

that hurts my feeling's lisa. her name is Eliza without the E.

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