Friday, February 20, 2009

Newsflash by Anna

An Accountant's Biggest Fear:

Recently, CWN (the best place to get the latest gossip) sat down with Bradley Bonner, a hard working accountant, to find out what really is an accountant’s biggest fear. Bradley says he speaks for all accountants when he says, “Our biggest fear is going to the beach and meeting a hippie”. Read on to see what else he had to say on the subject.

Reporter: And why is that so scary for you?

Bonner: Well, a few years ago a former colleague of mine went to the beach and met a hippie. The scary thing is that we never saw him again. People say that he first went to join the Monks because the hippie said that that was a good way to gain inner peace. Another rumor is that after he became a monk he decided to join the Peace Corps and is now in Africa traveling with them.

Reporter: I see. And why is finding inner peace so bad?

Bonner: You can’t find inner peace in a suit, and taking off the suit is like going to the dark side, like in Star Wars

Reporter: Thank you for your time Bradley, and for answering our pressing questions.”

Tune in next week when Kristy Krutz will interview the world largest doughnut.

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